Aromatherapy preparation SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS SUPPORT - 10 ml.

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  • Synergy with essential oils with an effect in alleviating itchy skin, flaking it and reducing the discomfort created.
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INGREDIENTS: geranium essential oil, tea tree essential oil, aspic lavender essential oil, black cumin vegetable oil.

Use: Apply 3-10 drops of the mixture on the problem area twice a day for 3 weeks. After a break of one week, the procedure can be resumed.

Recommendations: not to be used by pregnant women, nursing women or children under 6 years of age and it is necessary to perform the allergic test by applying 1-2 drops in the fold of the elbow for up to 24 hours. Store in a cool, dark place, with the bottle cap tightly closed.

Why do we use these essential oils?
Geranium essential oil: the monoterpenic esters in the composition give it anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties by accelerating the regeneration of skin cells.
Tea tree essential oil: acts in depth to limit and eliminate skin imperfections through its bactericidal and fungicidal properties.
Lavender essential oil aspic: linalool and camphor in the composition alleviate the itching sensation by calming the skin
Black cumin vegetable oil: anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of skin irritation.

Quantity: 10 ml.

Prepared in Ecoland Production Laboratories.

Aromatherapy preparations are suggestions for alternative therapies with essential oils. These are original formulas created by the aromatherapy specialists of the French school of scientific aromatherapy. In case of illness, medical treatment or allergies, consult your doctor.

Some essential oils contain allergenic molecules. People who are known to be allergic should test the product by pouring 2 drops into the elbow crease. If we do not have any allergic skin reaction for 12-24 hours we can use the product. Allergic reactions occur a few hours after application and are manifested in the form of edema, itching, burning and can spread to other parts of the body. In this situation the product cannot be used or if its use has started it stops and we consult the doctor.

Products based on essential oils should be used with caution and after reading the recommendations for use of each product. Seek medical advice for people suffering from chronic conditions and who are already under treatment (asthma, epilepsy, hormone-dependent pathologies, severe heart disease, etc.).

Products containing essential oils should not be used on the mucous membranes (eyes, ears, inside the nose, genitals, etc.), should not be injected intravenously or intramuscularly, should not be used for a long period of time (if prescribed for a long time). 3 weeks, there is a break of one week after which it can be resumed). The products cannot be used by pregnant and lactating women or by children under the age of 6.
Products that contain essential oils are kept tightly closed to prevent evaporation because the oils are volatile, protected from light and heat to preserve and preserve quality and properties. These products are not left out of reach of children and pets.

For other indications consult the aromatherapy specialist.

Created with passion and skill, after the French school of scientific aromatherapy,
by Doina Berescu, aromatherapist Ecoland Production.


Folosit pentru: Dermatologie

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